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Bitter sweet symphony 2019
- I have 8 legs but can't reach you -
polyester / stainless steel / bolt & nut / LED light / moving control system

To Love. To Suffer. and To Hope



" Anxious on the Jamsu bridge
  did not make it to you that I wanted to reach so  bad 


  filling up to my throat 

  repressed tears
  standing there
  can go anywhere
  but to you

 - In the note of the artist

PHOTOGRAPH - Lee wan ki ( Round table image company ) 

                            Hwang gee hyun


사랑하고 고통받고 희망하다


잠수교 위,


안절부절 못하는




그토록 닿고 싶었던 너에게 가지 못하고 


목구멍 끝까지 차오르는 울음을 참으며 


그렇게 서 있다 




그 어디에도 갈 수 있지만 


너에게만은 닿을 수 없다   



-작가노트 중에서

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