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Oblivion;Imprinted 2021

Park Chang-young (74)
"There were a lot of good times,
I don't know when that day will come again.
I don't have any regrets. I've worked really hard.
If I regret not doing more for my children, I regret it.
2021 10 03
the early morning when the streetlights were about to go out
I stopped a lighted taxi in front of the public restroom in the park and asked Chang-young, who was smoking, if I could get in the taxi.
I sidestepped a little and took out a cigarette.
When the spark he shook falls on the dusky, damp floor, he puts out a cigarette that he hasn't burned a few times.
Then we got in a taxi together.
Starting with his question of where to go from dawn, we continued to say a few words, and when I said that I was taking a train to Seoul to prepare my exhibition, he continued the conversation with the story that his second son, who majored in art, would be about the same age as me if he were alive.
In a short time to the terminal, he talked calmly about the past.
He still remembers those days.
The cold early morning air at the bus terminal where he arrived with a simple package from Ulsan,
The day he crossed the gate of his first own house in Sangyeok-dong
The morning of 2003 when I was running to meet his second son, who couldn't come back because of a man to kill,
And a lot of blinking lights on the way to meet his son. 
and the numbers of on his savings account that even though he knew it wasn't the last time, he decided to give it to his first son.
In his car, i saw a picture of his second child who passed away and his first son's family that he can't reach.
And there was a photo taken at Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak in Jeju Island, where he traveled for the first time with his wife who left three years ago.
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